• Philotimo = “love of honor”.

• Philotimo is the feeling of not being able to do enough for your family, society and your community; it is expressed through acts of generosity and sacrifice without expecting anything in return.

• Philotimo is to put the needs and wellbeing of others before one’s own, even before one’s need to live or exist.

 Chicago-based actor and producer Ric Morgan masters the unusual career jump from law enforcement to the entertainment industry. A former SWAT deputy sheriff, bomb tech, US Marshal and counter-terrorism expert, after Y2K and 9-11 Morgan began informing audiences on the topics of Crisis Management, Disaster Preparedness, and Active Shooter Response. In so doing, he found himself comfortable in front of the camera, and was made the Sheriff’s training spokesman.

 But then came a turning point when the hazards of the job were retired for more creative endeavors. Ric’s on-set interactions with Boss director Mario Van Peebles was an inspiration for him to pursue acting and storytelling. His long service in law enforcement prepared him strangely well for the art of film and television; his study of the human condition given a new means of expression. Ric has since compiled a growing and varied body of work in films, and has also appeared in industrial, commercial and print advertisements.

 Born and bred in Texas bayou country by Louisiana parents, and the second of four siblings, Ric attended prep school in Connecticut, a private all-male college in Virginia, a dozen subsequent schools before finally earning his degree in 2010 (life got in the way..) Before becoming a deputy sheriff, Ric worked a variety of jobs to provide for his family of five children: as shipbuilder, waiter, carpenter, groundskeeper, salesman, and business owner.

 Ric draws upon the pathos of life lived to deliver convincing, nuanced and powerful performances with a multifarious range of characters; attributes that have garnered international press. His first feature in which he acted and produced found acclaim at its Bel-Air premier, and accolades from media here and in Mexico, Great Britain, and Costa Rica. He was given rave reviews from the UK’s popular publication, Essex Magazine, for his role in the indie feature Black Ruby.

 Always evolving, Ric has honed his talent and craft through ongoing training, coaching and education. Among other hobbies he is a traveler, gastronaut, and motorcyclist, and has added sailor to his wide range of interests, earning Keelboat, Bareboat, and Coastal Navigation certifications while plying the waters of Lake Michigan and the Gulf of Southwest Florida. Ric is also a vintner, having just bottled his 2016 white Franco-Niagara Concord wine, christened “Must B Moody.”

 Ric is now re-imagining reality while making the indie feature, Imago. The film delves into underworld horrors of sex trafficking, and follows a disgraced ex-cop P.I. searching for a missing girl, and redemption. Ric is a producer on the film and plays the lead antagonist. Imago has aligned with Songs Against Slavery in the fight to end the depravity of sexual slavery. Imago is set to be released in 2018.

 Upcoming projects include principal castings in three independent feature films: as Trooper Sommers in the cartel drama Traficante, as Uncle Earl/I.M.A.P. Scout Balthazar in the faith-based film Mercy Street: Rescue in the Holy Land, as Capt. Howard Durant in the Lovecraftian thriller Iron Coffin, and a recurring role as the mysteriously dangerous Mansfield in the web-series Dark County.

 To learn more about Ric, please visit his page at www.IMDB.me/RicMorgan